Why marry in Phuket – Five great reasons.
16 Jan, 2018

Why marry in Phuket – Five great reasons.

Why marry in Phuket may be a silly question to those that have.

But what about those looking for that Tropical Destination wedding.

A breathtakingly gorgeous and picturesque island in the Andaman Sea, Phuket is a gem whose beauty exceeds your wildest imagination. Dancing palm trees, clear green waters, white sandy beaches, and a tropical climate all year round; what better way to kick-start this new journey of your life than on this heaven on earth?

Why marry in Phuket, you ask? Here are five reasons.

Spectacular Scenery

Getting to solely witness the marvel that is Phuket’s landscape is good enough reason alone to book your next flight there. Whether it is the beaches themselves or the luxurious resorts that stud the coastline, as far as the eye can see, Phuket is the perfect backdrop for just about anything.
Celebrate the most important day of your life under the canopy of palm trees amidst the melodious sound of waves crashing against the shore and make those memories last forever.

Private Vacation

We lead very busy lives; there seems to always be a race against time. It is only natural to get worked up and frustrated but, what is the best way to relieve yourself from all that stress? A vacation! Start your new life together as husband and wife in one at the most gorgeous locations whilst you are unwinding and rejuvenating from the stress of everyday life.
Spend quality time with your loved ones and make wonderful memories together. Enjoy your big day instead of being mentally preoccupied with chaos.

Wedding Planning Expertise

Why marry in Phuket, Natasha and John just did.You might be thinking easier said than done, right?

How is it going to be remotely possible to relax on the biggest day of your life in a place that is not your hometown and one that you really don’t know much about?

Well, leave it to us.
Within Phuket, you will find pristine wedding planning services that have been in the business for years and know how to perfectly execute your vision of the perfect wedding. From consultations, planning, styling, budgeting, and accommodation to catering, décor, legalities, entertainment, transport, and photography; whatever it is, they have got you covered.

Trust in them and they will take care of the rest.

Bang for the Buck

There is a reason why Thailand is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Apart from its scenic beauty and pleasant climate, Thailand is very affordable. Why get married in Phuket, well first it is affordable. Whether it is your chosen resort, your event or your wedding planner, everything comes with an excellent value for your money. Now that is what we call the best of both worlds.

Best Honeymoon Spot

Why tire yourself by travelling to another place for your honeymoon when you are already in one of the most coveted honeymoon destinations on the globe? Spend quality time with your significant other in Phuket and fall in love all other again.

Start your journey in the best way possible and get married in Phuket; a place that will remind you of why you fell in love in the first place.

Why marry in Phuket hopefully, the above has answered some of your questions. After all, there is no place like Phuket.

East 88 Restaurant and Beach Lounge has a wonderful and experienced team, read about them HERE.

East 88 is situated within the Serenity Resort and Residences are specialists when it comes to arranging and managing your special day working in tandem with the East 88 team.

Welcome Phuket New Year 2018
11 Jan, 2018

Welcome Phuket New Year 2018

Welcome Phuket New Year 2018, and as with all things on this tropical Island saying goodbye to 2017 and hello 2018 was once again a spectacle to behold.

The whole team at East 88 Restaurant and Beach Lounge along with Serenity Resort staff made sure this was going to be a night to remember.

Phuket New Year dinnerOver 100 Guests and visitors had pre-booked their tables, some using the online reservation and booking system on the website and many calling into reception to reserve their table.

Welcoming Phuket New Year 2018

Phuket New Year with the 'Bitcoin Twins'8 PM came the introduction of General Manager Mr Urs Aebi and his welcome message introducing the entertainment for the night “The Bitcoin Twins” who were to rock the 70’s/80’s theme through until the early hours along with the ‘Ladies’ from Phuket Rouge and the Phi Phi Fire Show.

Once again the Executive Chef and his team provided a sumptuous buffet and all adequately served and catered by the East 88 staff.

The whole team once again excelled following the Christmas Eve event.

Phuket New Year 2018Phuket New YearAfter dinner music was the order of the day and some revellers were already in the mood and the fantastic infinity pool was soon to be where some guests were to end up, and it wasn’t even 10:30 PM.

The Cabaret Show was well received.

Ladyboy show Phuket New Year

Phuket New Year 2018 welcomes Ladyboy

Happy New Year, here’s to 2018.

Fireworks Phuket New YearThe countdown started and everyone stood by as the midnight hour arrived, introduced by traditional Fireworks and also a midnight display from some local Kite Board enthusiasts.

The music tempo was now well into the 70’s/80’s theme with all the favourites from Wham, Cyndi Lauper, Pet Shop Boys to name just a few of the nonstop hits, which kept the crowd up and dancing.

See more from The New year’s event visit our Facebook Page here.

The full picture album is HERE

If your inclined read about our Dinner and Desserts menu.








Getting Married in Phuket – it’s about the team and location
23 Oct, 2017

Getting Married in Phuket – it’s about the team and location

Getting married in Phuket is one of the main reasons many tourists visit southern Thailand. There is nothing better than getting married in paradise and combining it with a beautiful honeymoon.

Getting Married in Phuket lawn setting
East 88/Serenity Lawn setting.

Tourists aren’t the only ones who get married in Phuket. Many couples already in Thailand descend on the region’s brilliant beaches and locations to tie the knot.

East 88 Restaurant and Beach Lounge is an ideal near the water location,  and a perfect wedding venue for saying ‘I do’.

The team takes care of all the necessary preparations to make your day the best it can be. It truly is ‘made paradise’, and East 88 provides the perfect backdrop to a fairytale ceremony.

The staff

East 88’s staff creates storybook weddings.

Getting Married in Phuket restaurant view
The view from the restaurant

Our location has the perfect location for couples to say their vows.

You will have the waves of the ocean to look out at, and the love of your life next to you.

The scenery is perfect, and having every need taken care of makes the whole day simple.

East 88’s Team will set up the decorations, prepare the most delicious food menu and will make sure all the guests are looked after.

Getting Married in Phuket, Location, Location, Location.

Location is everything, and East 88 provides visitors with a little slice of heaven. Located in the southeastern corner of Phuket, and situated within  Serenity Resort and Residences, guests will have everything they need on their doorstep.

Getting Married in Phuket
Family and friends around the pool

Couples, family and friends are able to stay at the gorgeous Serenity Resort to relax during their time in Phuket.

The luxurious resort allows guests to relax in style. East 88 and Serenity Resort can provide you with an accommodation package.

It feels like a true trip to paradise, and guests can enjoy a relaxing time during their stay. The resort provides guests with a fantastic fitness room, wellness centre infinity swimming pool with safe children’s area and the bar and restaurant. Visitors to East 88 and Serenity Resort will have no reason to venture anywhere else. You may read more about Serenity Resort HERE.

Southern Phuket

Guests that decide to leave the paradise of Serenity Resort and East 88 can find the spotless beach of Nai Harn nearby. This laid-back sandy shore is located between tree-covered hills and crystal-clear waters. It is a great spot for visitors looking to get away from the throngs of tourists that travel to Thailand. Nai Harn Beach is quiet, beautiful and full of tropical charm. Just off the shore, you will find yachts and sailboats anchored. Meanwhile, on shore, there are many small restaurants, two hotels and plenty of sand to stretch out on.

Guests around the pool when getting married in Phuket
Pool terrace at East 88/Serenity

Rawai Beach is another hot spot for tourists to visit. Unlike, Nai Harn, Rawai Beach is less for swimming and more for enjoying a unique tropical atmosphere. There are plenty of seafood restaurants at Rawai. So, you shouldn’t miss the chance to sample local seafood delicacies. You shouldn’t miss the chance for a little romance at Rawai once the sun goes down. Sip drinks under the moonlight at one of the bars or stroll along the beach with a loved one.

Getting married in Phuket is a fantastic way to take that next step in life.

East 88 and Serenity Resort can plan the perfect wedding and stay during your time in Thailand. Why not contact the team HERE 


Things to do in Phuket – ready, lets GO
26 Sep, 2017

Things to do in Phuket – ready, lets GO

Apart from beautiful beaches, there are so many things to do in Phuket.

An azure sea and a pleasant temperature you can enjoy fascinating history and culture in Phuket. However, there are some attractions that you should not miss while visiting Phuket.

The big advantage of Phuket is that there is always something to do.

It does not matter the weather or temperature. Below you will find the top sights and places you really should see. They are classified based on popularity.

Before you go, we hope you will take the time to visit our restaurant you would be most welcome.

If you only visit half of these destinations, you will have an unforgettable vacation. What are you waiting for?

Phang Nga Bay

Things to do in Phuket visit James Bond IslandThe Bay of Phang Nga Bay is unique. A day at this bay is an unforgettable experience. Particularly striking on this bay are the massive limestone cliffs that perpendicular to the emerald green waters. The Koh Panyee and James Bond Island are the more famous spot in this bay.

More on Boat and Island trips later.

The Phuket Beaches

Things to do in Phuket Phuket BeachesDo you like beaches?

Then you love Phuket!

Phuket has 35 different beaches – from mega-busy beaches like Patong Beach to peaceful gems like Banana Beach and Laem Sing Beach. (pictured).

There’s a beach for everyone! The beaches are well maintained. Almost nowhere is dirty and the water is crystal clear. Most beaches are well-liked and have restaurants and all kinds of water activities like paragliding and surfing. On the large beaches, there are mattresses and umbrellas for hire, although sunbeds on the beach are not allowed.

Phuket AeroplaneMai Khao Beach is not Phuket’s most beautiful beach, but it’s the longest!

This beach is over 3 KM long with the South located right next to Phuket International Airport, where you can spot and listen to nearby aeroplanes.

Also very fun for kids!

Not all beaches have amenities, you are welcome to bring your parasol, mat, and towels! Don’t forget that sunscreen and hats.

If you are going swimming PLEASE check the Lifeguards Flags.

Things to do in Phuket the views and culture.

Phuket Viewpoints, scenic views and Phuket Town.

At Phuket, you can enjoy one after another beautiful view. Our favourite position is the relatively unknown Windmill Viewpoint, where you have an excellent view of the small Yanui Beach and a small island just off the coast.

Another beautiful perspective is the Karon Viewpoint, where you can see the three white beaches of Kata Noi, Kata, and Karon in the distance.

There’s also Big Buddha which you see almost anywhere when you are in the South of Phuket more on Big Buddha below.

Finally, the Phromthep Cape just up the road from the Windmill is one of the most beautiful (and most romantic) spots in Phuket to watch the sunset. You do not have this viewpoint for yourself alone, but you can also share it, everyone.

You do not have this viewpoint for yourself alone, but you can also share it, everyone.

Phuket Vegetarian Festival and other events in Phuket Town

In this ideas and things to do in Phuket feature, you should definitely visit Phuket Town. You will find surprising Chinese-Portuguese splendour and excellent shops at this location. The city of Phuket offers much more than you would think. You will find some excellent restaurants and local attractions.

You will also find a unique mix of colonial and Chinese architecture. Along with the tangible peculiarities, you are already strolling through the old town of Phuket for a fascinating and memorable afternoon.

In Phuket, most festivals are held in honour of religious conviction or just for fun. The festivals are exciting, sometimes bizarre spectacles. They are certainly not boring.

The Phuket Vegetarian Festival brings visitors from all over the world. It is colourful, deafening and sometimes even fascinatingly horrible.

The Gay Pride Festival and the Songkran Festival are normally held at the same time around 12th – 17th April.

Both are fun, great festivals that celebrate the exuberance of life in Thai fashion.

Loy Krathong is in early November read more HERE

Expect the unexpected and do not forget to bring your camera.

Patong Nightlife

Taking a walk after sunset through the Patong Bangla Road should make you feel like fun. A good sense of humour and an open mind are a requirement. In fact, there is only one undeniable and obvious fact about Bangla – it’s not at all like home. You’ll find ladyboys, lascivious and exotic ladies, strange Westerners (mostly men). Having a beer on the Bangla Road is an unforgettable experience.

A good sense of humour and an open mind are a requirement. In fact, there is only one undeniable and obvious fact about Bangla – it’s not at all like home. You’ll find ladyboys, lascivious and exotic ladies, strange Westerners (mostly men). Having a beer on the Bangla Road is an unforgettable experience.

You’ll find ladyboys, lascivious and exotic ladies, huge nightclubs and just about one of best people-watching locations in the world.

Things to do in Phuket Simon Cabaret Show in Patong BeachThe Simon Cabaret is probably the biggest ladyboy show you can find in the area. During the performance, you will see a spectacular musical performed by Simon Cabaret’s world-famous ladyboys.

The costumes are fantastic, it is mostly bling-bling and of course very nice to see.

Phuket Fantasea Show

Just North of Patong in Kamala is the Phuket Fantasea Show. It’s quite extravagant, but fun and very professional. Trapeze artists, elephants on stage and fireworks, are combined in this Las Vegas-style show.

This is one of the few places in Thailand let along Phuket you can experience this. The FantaSea Show is a very entertaining and engaging show. The show deserves a place in the top ten of what to see and do in Phuket.

The Wat Chalong Temple in Chalong Phuket

This is one of the historic temples in Phuket. Every year thousands of visitors arrive. It’s beautiful. On special holidays, the Wat Chalong markets are held. During these days you can buy almost everything. You can also enjoy Thai food at heart. This temple is the spiritual

You can also enjoy Thai food at heart. This temple is the spiritual

This temple is the spiritual centre of Phuket Island.

Big Buddha in Chalong

Things to do in Phuket visit Big BuddhaThe Big Buddha is a relative newcomer to the island. Visible from most places in the South of Phuket. The picture is taken on the top of the Nakkerd Hills. It offers views of Chalong, Kata, and Rawai.

It cost an estimated 30 million baht to build and stands 45 feet high. Next to it is a smaller, golden image. This is made of brass. There is also a shrine near the car park at the site. During the trip to the Big Buddha, you will see the real Thailand culture.

Things to do in Phuket on the water.

Boat excursions

Take a boat ride on a long tail boatBecause of its location, Phuket is a good base for visiting nearby islands and nature parks. Phang Nga Bay is full of awesome scenic views, where your day out riding the boats for hours and witness the large rock formations. The bay hides many beautiful beaches, caves and mangrove forests, where you can go kayaking.

Another fascinating excursion is the Similan Islands, a beautiful island group where you can snorkel or dive beautifully and admire many coral reefs and fish.

You can also take the lantern boat and spend the day on nearby small islands like Coral Island, Racha Island and the Khai Islands.

Wellness, Health and Fitness other things to do in Phuket.

Thai Boxing (Muay Thai)

Muay Thai is a particular spectacle to watch.

The sport is gaining popularity all over the world and is now a major tourist attraction here. Regular matches with well-trained combatants are held throughout Phuket. You can look at the skills and agility of these super pussy boxers. Tradition and respect are at the heart of this contact sport.

A good Muay Thai athlete is ultra-disciplined in body and mind. Join the spectators and let yourself be soaked by the devout Thai.

Wellness and Health

There is an abundance of Health Spas throughout Phuket when looking for things to do in Phuket. You will find an abundance of corner shop massage to 5* resorts offering hours and days of special treatment to rejuvenate your body and soul.

Within in Phuket there are a number of Wellness and detox centres, the one we recommend is Atmanajai  just a short walk from our restaurant and you can find out more HERE

We hope you enjoyed our overview of Things to do in Phuket and please read more and our latest news and LIVE Phuket Weather camera HERE.

Restaurants in Rawai – South Phuket
16 Sep, 2017

Restaurants in Rawai – South Phuket

There are a number of great  Restaurants in Rawai. Whilst a large number of the first time visitors to Thailand make it a point to visit Phuket.  Not enough are visiting and experience the South of the Island.

Great I hear you say if you have already discovered Rawai, Chalong and Nai Narn.

There are more than 30 lovely beaches in Phuket. The sandy beaches with clear waters on this 540 sq. km. island is a treat for the visiting tourists. There are scores of restaurants on the beaches, in addition, the wandering food sellers.

You must, however, take the precaution of making ample use of your sunscreen while enjoying the beaches. Also, during the monsoon rains from May to October, swimming conditions are rather unpredictable and tourists must heed the flag warnings posted at strategic points.

South Phuket

South Phuket is also a major attraction for tourists visiting Phuket. The roads are not as busy and tourists can enjoy a moped ride with many stopping off points along the way. Earlier, not many tourists used to visit South Phuket. But now, the area is witness to many long duration holidaymakers and retirees in addition to visiting tourists.

Many people now work on the island as well. This gradual change over the last few years has also seen the opening of a large number of restaurants in South Phuket. In particular, there are many great Restaurants in Rawai.

Restaurants in Rawai
Thai dish Pla Nueng Manaw

Serving delicious cuisines from different countries in the world and the tourists really like the food served by these restaurants.

Rawai Beach

Located on the South coast of Phuket, Rawai can boast of tens of small islands. Easy to reach and great are fun to explore. Rawai was the very first tourist beach on Phuket. Years ago, a drive over the hill to West Coast Phuket was considered a bit risky by the local people. They would rather drive down to Rawai Beach over weekends to enjoy their afternoons with family.

Years ago, a drive over the hill to West Coast Phuket was considered a bit risky by the local people. They would rather drive down to Rawai Beach over weekends to enjoy their afternoons with family.

Today, you can hire a long-tail boat at Rawai Beach for a trip to the lovely Coral Island, Racha Island or Koh Lone or simply go on a fishing or snorkelling trip.

Restaurants in Rawai

Beautiful beaches and beachfront restaurants in Rawai have a lot of family activities which are fun not only for kids but for the entire family. Rawai also has a lovely sunset spot which attracts tourists for a breathtaking view of the sunset.

Restaurants in Rawai
Rawai beach, Phuket Thailand.

Popular beach restaurants in Rawai

Rawai is a popular beach where many local Thai families come to eat by the beach on weekends. Small restaurants in Rawai offer a choice of freshly caught seafood while renowned international restaurants in Rawai offer you a wide range of international cuisines. Steak houses offer some really good quality meat and delicious Thai food from waterfront restaurants. Tourists can also relish vegetarian food, pizza, Mexican, Korean and Russian food at the restaurants in Rawai.

Steakhouses offer some really good quality meat and delicious

Thai food from waterfront restaurants. Tourists can also relish vegetarian food, pizza, Mexican, Korean and Russian food at the restaurants in Rawai.

A great dining experience in Rawai

There are quite a few upcoming restaurants in Rawai. The Rawai Nai Harn Business Group has many to offer HERE. They may lack the pomp and show of a prestigious restaurant but they indeed serve some delectable food at very down to earth prices.

Dining is a relatively easy going and less frenetic experience in such restaurants in Rawai.

Tourists get full value for the money that they spend. The cuisine caters to a variety of tastes and suits all budgets.

Tourists definitely carry very fond memories of their dining experience at the restaurants in Rawai.

Read more about the menu and special events at East 88 Restaurant and Beach Lounge HERE


Loy Krathong Phuket Festival 3rd November 2017
4 Sep, 2017

Loy Krathong Phuket Festival 3rd November 2017

Loy Krathong Phuket Festival is definitely the most romantic festival in Thailand for most people. Tourists from various parts of the world also throng to Phuket to watch the spectacular Phuket Festival held in November every year.

Introduction of the Loy Krathong Phuket Festival

Loy Krathong, Thailand’s ‘festival of lights’ is a national event which is held every year on the evening of the 12th lunar month. This date usually falls in the first half of November and coincides with the school holidays for children. Celebrations include various rituals at the Buddhist temples around Phuket on this day. However, the most popular highlight of the festivities is the launching of a krathong. In Phuket we use the nearest beach, lake or canal.

Loy Krathong Phuket

A krathong is a floating lantern which carries candles and incense sticks. It is generally decorated with flowers leaving enough space to put candles and incense sticks. You put all your misfortunes in this boat and allow them to float away. Many people also put strands of their hair and nail clippings in the krathong with a belief that it would wash away their sins. Literally, “Loy” means ‘to float’ and a “krathong” is a leaf bowl or cup made from the cellulose trunk of a banana tree.

History and origin of the Loy Krathong Phuket Festival

Though the origins of the quiet Loy Krathong Festival are not clearly known. It is generally believed that it started in Sukhothai in the north of Bangkok around 800 years ago. The city is believed to have been very powerful in the whole of Asia at that time.

The Loy Krathong Phuket Festival in Thai culture and why everyone should be involved in the celebrations

While thousands of floating krathongs make a truly magical sight good enough to thrill the grown-ups and children alike, the festival has great importance in the Thai culture as well. It is commonly believed that homage is paid to the water goddess Mae Khongkha on this religious festival.

Loy Krathong Phuket

The masses firmly believe that as the krathong floats away from you, it takes away all your misfortune. Rids you of the sins of the past year by washing them away and brings in good fortune in the coming year. Some people also place coins in the krathongs to make merit before floating them in the river, canal or sea with a prayer on their lips and in their hearts. They strongly believe that the “boat” will carry their bad luck a long distance away. Providing them with opportunities to start the following year in a more joyous way with plenty of good fortune flowing into their lives.

You can check out the weather HERE and fingers crossed it will be a warm and fun evening.

Children thoroughly enjoy all the festivities. Young couples float their krathongs together with a wish for a long lasting love and immense happiness together.

The Loy Krathong Phuket Festival is indeed a religious and cultural celebration which should not be missed. The romance, thrill and sense of ‘all-round joy’ that it gives to every participant!

Join us at East Restaurant and reserve a table for dinner, HERE  looking forward to seeing you.

You can also read about other Festivals and Events HERE