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Getting Married in Phuket – it’s about the team and location

Getting Married in Phuket – it’s about the team and location

Getting married in Phuket is one of the main reasons many tourists visit southern Thailand. There is nothing better than getting married in paradise and combining it with a beautiful honeymoon.

Getting Married in Phuket lawn setting
East 88/Serenity Lawn setting.

Tourists aren’t the only ones who get married in Phuket. Many couples already in Thailand descend on the region’s brilliant beaches and locations to tie the knot.

East 88 Restaurant and Beach Lounge is an ideal near the water location,  and a perfect wedding venue for saying ‘I do’.

The team takes care of all the necessary preparations to make your day the best it can be. It truly is ‘made paradise’, and East 88 provides the perfect backdrop to a fairytale ceremony.

The staff

East 88’s staff creates storybook weddings.

Getting Married in Phuket restaurant view
The view from the restaurant

Our location has the perfect location for couples to say their vows.

You will have the waves of the ocean to look out at, and the love of your life next to you.

The scenery is perfect, and having every need taken care of makes the whole day simple.

East 88’s Team will set up the decorations, prepare the most delicious food menu and will make sure all the guests are looked after.

Getting Married in Phuket, Location, Location, Location.

Location is everything, and East 88 provides visitors with a little slice of heaven. Located in the southeastern corner of Phuket, and situated within  Serenity Resort and Residences, guests will have everything they need on their doorstep.

Getting Married in Phuket
Family and friends around the pool

Couples, family and friends are able to stay at the gorgeous Serenity Resort to relax during their time in Phuket.

The luxurious resort allows guests to relax in style. East 88 and Serenity Resort can provide you with an accommodation package.

It feels like a true trip to paradise, and guests can enjoy a relaxing time during their stay. The resort provides guests with a fantastic fitness room, wellness centre infinity swimming pool with safe children’s area and the bar and restaurant. Visitors to East 88 and Serenity Resort will have no reason to venture anywhere else. You may read more about Serenity Resort HERE.

Southern Phuket

Guests that decide to leave the paradise of Serenity Resort and East 88 can find the spotless beach of Nai Harn nearby. This laid-back sandy shore is located between tree-covered hills and crystal-clear waters. It is a great spot for visitors looking to get away from the throngs of tourists that travel to Thailand. Nai Harn Beach is quiet, beautiful and full of tropical charm. Just off the shore, you will find yachts and sailboats anchored. Meanwhile, on shore, there are many small restaurants, two hotels and plenty of sand to stretch out on.

Guests around the pool when getting married in Phuket
Pool terrace at East 88/Serenity

Rawai Beach is another hot spot for tourists to visit. Unlike, Nai Harn, Rawai Beach is less for swimming and more for enjoying a unique tropical atmosphere. There are plenty of seafood restaurants at Rawai. So, you shouldn’t miss the chance to sample local seafood delicacies. You shouldn’t miss the chance for a little romance at Rawai once the sun goes down. Sip drinks under the moonlight at one of the bars or stroll along the beach with a loved one.

Getting married in Phuket is a fantastic way to take that next step in life.

East 88 and Serenity Resort can plan the perfect wedding and stay during your time in Thailand. Why not contact the team HERE